My office friend give me a beautiful glass from China. I love looking at its shape and design. The design of the most dominant color is green. As usual i’m not so happy with the green color. But if visits to see these glasses are also interesting with the green color, making glass are fresh and good looking. The design is also seen mothers are teaching their children to play an open area of musical instruments, trees and leaves a fresh graced this beautiful glass. And there are flowers and their domination of butterflies as a complement. It looks very good and charming. But overall I like this cup. Likewise with my friends told me a lot of good glass. Thank you for Miss Faira .I  have ideas to make this glass becomes more interesting by putting flowers in it. When in fact the function is for drinking glasses.

I suddenly had the idea to sell glasses. The second idea is sell beautiful glass combined flowers with a unique glass container and beautiful. I’m sure many people who want to buy. hihihihi..

Bye-bye every body,I want to go to java jazz  in kemayoran now. Can not wait to see John Legend and Anggun this evening. *kiss kiss ang big hug*