Right now I’m trouble seeing small text or seeing distance, it seems this time I’ve needed glasses. But I’m confused type of glasses that fit me the same face, I would still look pretty even with glasses. Some people would assume that the glasses make you look old,  especially when I wore braces using the glasses must have looked like Betty Lavea. I bought glasses for not equal to the market to buy chili. Price, Quality, Brand, and Fashion are  important and it should be balanced. What I want, well known brand, good quality, fashionable, and cheap price that is most important. But I’m confused model of glasses which I like. Searching on google also did not produce anything much for me, which I have  confusion in terms of choosing. Obviouly google can not help me in choosing a type glasses. Now what I want to do is check your eye doctor first. After that I want to find directly to the optic.

Let us pray that I get the glasses according to the target I wanted. My specifications :

1. Low Cost

2. High Quality

3. Branded

4. Fashionable

5. So gorgeous if i make it.